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Online SolidWorks Course

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Online SolidWorks Course

SolidTrainer is a authorized online SolidWorks training institute and services company having expertise in providing professional coaching in SolidWorks, Simulation, 3DVIA, Workgroup and Enterprise PDM Data Management course, formed by top notch industry experts and former executives from the SolidWorks Corporation with award winning certifications, undergoing aggressive trainings in countries around the world namely USA, UK, Europe, Singapore, India, Shanghai and many more. We are a leading provider of engineering and detailing services to the mechanical industry.

SolidWorks CAD/CAE Training   Buy SolidWorks Software

We offer online SolidWorks training course, tutorials and certifications in CAD (including international CSWP Certification) in different modules of SolidWorks 3D CAD, Simulation (Cosmos) and PDM . SolidWorks CAD Software Training can make a big difference to your design productivity. With our proven authorised SolidWorks CAD training delivery methods we can provide you with the style of training that suits your needs, so that you can get the most out of your SolidWorks CAD software investment. Get SolidWorks 3D CAD Design, Analysis, Data Management and Documentation Control training from a certified instructor Live or at your company. Our teaching methods are fast, effective and meet industry standards and requirements. We teach your employees the skills required to realize the productivity improvements SolidWorks CAD software is designed to deliver. We have an excellent reputation not only for our high standards of teaching but for always meeting customer requirements.

LIVE! SolidWorks Online Training course is a simple and convenient way to enjoy the benefits of a SolidWorks Certified Instructor in the comfort of your own home or office. All you need is a Computer with an internet connection. All other materials required including the Software, Tutorials, Courseware and Hands-On Training Files will be provided by SolidTrainer. You will save time, increase productivity and reduce errors while gaining a competitive edge. SolidTrainer LIVE! Online SolidWorks Training meets the needs of individuals, businesses, government agencies and students worldwide.

SolidTrainer's unique approach to LIVE! Online SolidWorks training is interactive. The course will be taught and has time for questions and answers and feels like a classroom environment. We base all our classes on SolidWorks recommended courses and utilize SolidWorks Approved Training Courseware materials and files to ensure you get the highest quality of SolidWorks training materials available. SolidTrainer's SolidWorks Certified Instructors have many years of classroom and online SolidWorks training experience to offer you the best interactive computer-based SolidWorks training experience!

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SolidWorks CAD & Simulation Services   Purchase SolidWorks Software

SolidTrainer has a team of technically competent people who know how to effectively use the versatile capabilities of SolidWorks CAD to increase the efficiency and productivity of your organization. We are a leading SolidWorks CAD service provider, which gives you capabilities for designing, reverse engineering, analyzing & manufacturing products. We bring to you an experience of many years in engineering design, development and manufacturing. With our expertise in high-end SolidWorks 3D CAD we have helped our clients to achieve their desired goals in the most sophisticated way.

Our wide range of specialized SolidWorks cad services include cad conversion, 2D to 3D conversion, paper to cad conversion, AutoCAD conversion, 3D solid and surface modeling, 2D drafting & detailing and all types of SolidWorks Simulations in specialized areas such as mechanical, electrical & plumbing etc. SolidTrainer specializes in professionals who work effectively in diverse industries like Engineering Design and analysis, Architecture, Automotive, Aerospace, Machine Tool, Appliances, Defense, Maintenance, Manufacturing, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and many more.

We are certified in all SolidWorks range of products as listed below

CSWP – Core : Certified SolidWorks Professional – Solid Modeling Specialist
CSWP – CW : Certified SolidWorks Professional – Simulation Specialist
CSWP – SM : Certified SolidWorks Professional – Sheet Metal Specialist
CSWST : Certified SolidWorks Support Technician
CSWI : Certified SolidWorks Instructor
CSSTC : Certified SolidWorks Simulation Support Technician Core
CSSTA : Certified SolidWorks Simulation Technician Advanced
CSFST : Certified SolidWorks Flow Simulation Support Technician
CSSI : Certified SolidWorks Simulation Instructor
CPDMW : Certified PDMWorks Workgroup Support Technician
CPDME : Certified PDMWorks Enterprise Support Technician
CPPA : Certified PDM Professional Administrator

Sample of SolidTrainer Course & CSWP Certifications

SolidWorks training course files Certified SolidWorks Professional Certification


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