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The focus of this course is on the fundamental skills and concepts central to the successful use of SolidWorks Enterprise PDM. The intended audience for this course is anyone who will manage files with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM.

Course details and prerequisites:

Duration: 1 Day
Type: Instructor Led
Level: Basic to Intermediate


  • Experience with the Windows™ operating system
After the training you will be able to:
  • Manage your company documents with SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
  • Share documents with other users
  • Apply revision control and workflow management to documents







Course Outline

Lesson 1: SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Concepts

  • The Fundamentals of PDM
  • What is SolidWorks Enterprise PDM?
  • SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Overview
  • SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Modules
  • SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Components

Lesson 2: SolidWorks Enterprise PDM User Interface

  • SolidWorks Enterprise PDM User Interface
  • Case Study: Exploring SolidWorks Enterprise PDM

Lesson 3: Document Creation and Check In

  • Document Creation and Check In
  • Case Study: Checking in Documents

Lesson 4: Advanced Document Check In

  • Advanced Document Check In
  • Case Study: Checking in Documents with References

Lesson 5: Versioning Files

  • Versioning Files
  • Case Study: Versioning Files

Lesson 6: File References

  • File References
  • Case Study: File References

Lesson 7: Searching

  • Searching SolidWorks Enterprise PDM
  • Case Study: Search

Lesson 8: Workflow and Notification

  • SolidWorks Enterprise PDM Workflow
  • Case Study: Workflow

Lesson 9: Managing Local Cache

  • Managing Local Cache

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