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SolidWorks Drawings


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The SolidWorks Drawing course teaches you how to make drawings of SolidWorks parts and assemblies. The focus of this course is on the skills, tools and concepts central to successfully working with drawings.

Course details and prerequisites:

Duration: 2 Days
Type: Instructor Led
Level: Basic to Intermediate


  • Mechanical or Industrial design experience
  • Attended the SolidWorks Essentials or equivalent level of knowledge
After the training you will be able to:
  • Create drawings of your parts and assemblies
  • Add BOMs, Cut-Lists, and other data tables to your drawings
  • Create drawings of your large assemblies quicker and easier
  • Customize your drawing sheets







Course Outline

Lesson : Drawing Sheets and Views

  • Drawing Sheets and Views
  • Terminology
  • Drawing Sheets
  • Drawing Views
  • Sketching in Drawing Views
  • View Settings
  • Centermarks and Centerlines
  • Model Edges in the View

Lesson : Dimensions

  • Dimensions
  • Moving and Deleting Dimensions
  • Dimension Properties

Lesson : Annotations

  • Adding Annotations
  • Annotation Types
  • Blocks

Lesson : Sheet Formats and Templates

  • Sheet Formats and Templates
  • Drawing Templates
  • Properties in the Template
  • User Defined Properties
  • Customizing a Sheet Format
  • Using a Sheet Format
  • Importing Legacy Data
  • Updating Sheet Formats

Lesson : Assembly Drawing Views

  • Assembly Drawing Views
  • Creating Views of Assemblies

Lesson : Bill of Materials and Tables

  • Creating and Managing a Bill of Materials
  • The Bill of Materials
  • Table Functions
  • Adding a BOM
  • Modifying the BOM
  • Tabulated Bill of Materials
  • Design Tables in the Drawing

Lesson : Drawing References and Comparison

  • Reusing a Drawing File
  • Changing Drawing References
  • Using DrawCompare
  • Design Checker

Lesson : Using DimXpert

  • DimXpert
  • Tolerance Types and Features
  • DimXpert Selections
  • Prismatic and Turned Parts
  • Settings for DimXpert
  • Auto Dimension Scheme
  • Using Plus and Minus
  • DimXpert Annotations and Drawings

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