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SolidWorks Productivity Tools


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A guide to improving your productivity with SolidWorks software. Learn the fundamentals of CAD Productivity Tools, and become more productive using FeatureWorks, SolidWorks Utilities, and SolidWorks Toolbox.

Course details and prerequisites:

Duration: 2 Days
Type: Instructor Led
Level: Basic to Intermediate


  • Mechanical or Industrial design experience
  • Attended the SolidWorks Essentials or equivalent level of knowledge
  • Attended the SolidWorks Part and Assembly Modeling or equivalent level of knowledge
After the training you will be able to:
  • Understand and Use FeatureWorks
  • Use SolidWorks Utilities Tools efficiently
  • Use SolidWorks Toolbox








Course Outline

Lesson : Introduction

  • What is the FeatureWorks software?
  • What is the Toolbox software?
  • What is the SolidWorks Utilities software?
  • Starting FeatureWorks, Toolbox and Utilities
  • Getting Help
  • Task Scheduler

Lesson : Using FeatureWorks

  • Stages in the Process
  • Importing the Geometry
  • Automatic Feature Recognition
  • The FeatureWorks Process
  • Interactive Feature Recognition
  • Recognized Features Manager
  • Editing the Recognized Features
  • Volume Features

Lesson : Using SolidWorks Toolbox

  • Tools
  • Toolbox Browser
  • Add to Library
  • 3D Content Central

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