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SolidWorks Routing


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The SolidWorks Routing course explains how to create, edit and manage Piping, Tubing and Electrical routes, from the critical routing components and their design requirements to the sub-assemblies that contain the routes.

Course details and prerequisites:

Duration: 2 Days
Type: Instructor Led
Level: Intermediate


  • Mechanical or Industrial design experience
  • Attended the SolidWorks Essentials or equivalent level of knowledge
After the training you will be able to:
  • Create routed systems for pipe, tube, electricle cable and harness
  • Create your own library parts which can be dragged and dropped into your routes
  • Create drawings of your routed systems with route informated added








Course Outline

Lesson : Introduction

  • About This Course
  • SolidWorks Routing
  • What is Routing?
  • Routing Setup
  • Types of Routes
  • File Naming in Routing
  • Routes

Lesson : Standard Cables

  • Using Standard Cables
  • Harnessboard

Lesson : Routing Component Wizard

  • Routing Library Parts Introduction
  • Routing Component Wizard
  • Create Route by Drag and Drop Connector
  • Route Properties
  • Auto Route
  • Routing through existing clips

Lesson : Editing Routes and Clips

  • Editing Routes and Clips
  • Start Route and Add to Route
  • Working with Clips

Lesson : Electrical Conduits

  • Electrical Conduits
  • Rigid Conduit
  • Electrical Data in Conduits
  • Electrical BOM
  • Flexible Electrical Conduit

Lesson : Tubing Routes

  • Tubing Routes
  • Routing Options for Tubing
  • Route Properties
  • 3D Sketch Route
  • Orthogonal Auto Route
  • Export Pipe/Tube Data
  • Editing a Route

Lesson : Piping Routes

  • Piping Routes
  • Sketching a Route
  • Angled 3D Sketch Route
  • Editing a Piping Route
  • Remove Tube/Pipe
  • Flange to Flange Connections
  • Routing Library Parts
  • Libraries
  • SolidWorks Content
  • Fabricated Tube or Pipe Parts
  • Elbow Parts
  • Routing Functionality Points
  • Fitting Parts
  • Assembly Fittings

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